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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twenty years

Last week we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I had a blog all written but it was in my head and the time never became available to get it from head to computer. Oh well. It must not have been that good anyway.

My husband thought that we needed to celebrate this one by getting out of Dodge. I can't imagine why. It's not like we can't find time to be alone when we're in a house of nine people. So he asked me if I'd go on a cruise with him. Really? What line of work does he think he's in? Besides that, how does he think I could logistically arrange for seven children while we go cruising to some exotic island. And more than that, I have no desire to go on a cruise to some exotic island. I'm the one who wanted to go to Nova Scotia for our honeymoon - no ship, no pirates, no hurricanes, no bikinis, and very few people. Never wanting to be accused of not compromising in my marriage I did agree to go on a cruise with him - for our 50th anniversary.

So alone we are but not on a cruise. I have to say that he did well. He found this wonderful Bed and Breakfast in Grantville, PA. The Red Umbrella is it's name and yes, I am putting in an ad for this amazing place. I highly recommend it. The location is perfect, not too far away, yet away. The hospitality is great. Breakfast was very nice. And the shower is larger than my whole bathroom.

So what do the parents of seven do when given time away? Oh, get your mind out of there; I'm not like that. No, I insisted we go on a bike ride so ride we did, for 20+ miles. We found a great Rails to Trails path through Conewago Township. It's very well kept, partly shaded, and connects to the Lancaster-Lebanon Rails to Trails which meant we could just keep going and going and going . . . Plenty of wildlife, too. Deer crossed our path and a great blue heron led us down the path for a short while.

We also saw a movie but I don't recommend that so I won't leave a recommendation for it. Julia Roberts is great and so is Tom Hanks. Just not in this movie.

And that's that. Off for another bike hike. Where should we go today? If you see my children today, tell them that I love them and miss them and know they are having a great time.

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