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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free hugs

The shirt works.

I wouldn't believe it except that I saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears.

He had the shirt less than five minutes and as we walked down the boardwalk, Jesse and Hope were at the tail end of the King family parade. At the front, Andrew, Mariana, and I overheard a girl say, "Yeah, he's kind of cute." One of her friends responded with, "He's hot!" We turned around to see who or what they were talking about and were just in time to witness a group hug as they swamped Jesse. The good brother that he is, he says he was more concerned about continuing to balance Hope atop his shoulders than he was about who was hugging him.

I think we should always send his little sister with him when he's with girls. Especially at cheerleading practice. Although that mascot costume keeps him pretty well covered.


  1. hahahahaha! So now Jesse is taller than Andrew and hotter? hmm… how does the older brother like that one!

  2. Really, Jesse said...i wanted andrew and me to both get the same shirt so we could see who will get the most hugs...but he wouldn't have anything to do with that...i guess that is an automatic win for me...not that i even needed this confirmation

  3. As a counterpoint - in defense of Andrew - at most of the venues I have observed the two brothers together, Andrew always seems to have a gaggle of young ladies around him, whereas Jesse usually does not. This is just an observation, not a definitive proof of superiority.