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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Angels among us

At the beach we are. Again. Yes. That would be my doing. John wants to retire to the mountains. I say that's fine but I hope he doesn't mind the travel between his mountain home and my beach home if he wants weekend visits.

The King method of travel (technically it's the Cindy method of travel) is to leave at the crack of dawn. For us this morning, that meant 5:00 AM. We get a few hours of travel in before stopping for breakfast. I voted for Panera but I was duly outvoted and we ended up at McDonalds. Technically, I didn't get outvoted, we just couldn't find a Panera after crossing the Walt Whitman bridge, but we'll let the kids think that they won this one. Next time, we'll stop before we enter New Jersey.

While enjoying our breakfast, an older gentleman came over to us with a McDonalds bag. He asked if it would be okay for the children to have apple pies. John asked him what the occasion was and he said, "I believe in angels." Apple pie for breakfast! What a treat! I don't know if this man was ever thanked as much as he was this morning. It doesn't take much for the King kids to feel blessed.

I want to be just like that man when I grow up. I hope that I am able to bless others by the simple things, as he blessed us this morning.

P.S. For those who are worrying about the fact that I've announced to the Bloggersphere our absence from our home, have no fear. We made certain to hire Chuck Norris to guard the house. Besides that, all you would-be theifs out there, don't bother. We have nothing of value for you. Believe me, our TVs are older than you. Trust me, it's true. Flat screen? Are you kidding me? These things still have the VCR under them. Get the picture?


  1. had to laugh at your TV comment... same here! Both our TVs were freebies/hand-me-downs. One from the curb that a neighbor set out! :-O

  2. Dear King Family Mother,
    This is an official request from one mother to another.
    Would you please adopt me? I love your family and your stories.
    I have a good resume. I've had years of experience as a mother/grandmother. I come with good references.
    Please seriously consider my humble request.
    Thank you in advance.
    Debby Bentch

  3. " moutains " or mountains ? :)

  4. Oh yes, Debby! The more the merrier!