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Friday, July 8, 2011

Pay it forward

Back to the zoo. It was a very fast transition, chauffeuring here and there, convincing children that they really were tired and in need of going to bed, all that fun stuff we missed while we were gone.

Our time away was perfect. The perfect length, ending just about the time we didn't really know what to talk about anymore. The perfect location, enjoying our favorite bed and breakfast to date. The perfect excursions, really, even though we had no plan other than, "What do you want to do now?" There was just one little thing that will be remembered for all time - The Missing Wallet Fiasco.

We were at the Park City Mall and had just returned to the car. John reached for his back pocket and realized that his wallet was missing. So, back into the mall we go. John with his gimpy leg and me walking just fine. He went one direction where he thought it might be, and I went the other. A phone call confirmed that neither of us had found the missing wallet. Thoughts of having to cancel all of our credit cards, leaving us without funds for the duration of our vacation, were passing through my mind. We went to customer service where the woman working pronounced John a very lucky man and gave me permission to use this as ammunition for years to come. Personally, I think he did it on purpose just to remind me that he's still the same man I married 20 years ago, albeit a little grayer. He still wouldn't remember his head if it wasn't attached. But, that's why he married me, to make sure his head is securely attached every morning and evening.

But the story gets better. After all that running around the mall, I decided I needed to stop at the bathroom on the way out. Wouldn't you know it, but someone left her keys in the bathroom stall. So, back we went (keep in mind that the bathrooms are near the exit, customer service is dead center in the mall) to customer service, telling the same woman that she was going to remember us for a long time and that we were already paying it forward. I bet it was another couple celebrating their anniversary and the wife left the rental car's keys sitting in the bathroom. I'm so glad we could help keep another couple on speaking terms like some stranger did for us.

Until the 25th . . .

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