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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Predicting Eden's future

Today I was dutifully humoring Eden in her daily request to "do school" which means that HopeAnne also wanted to "do school." This child asks for the same thing every day of the week; holidays, weekends, and yes, summers included. Hope was writing her letters while babbling in a constant stream of consciousness while Eden was reading to me about flowers and baskets. It occurred to me that Eden is not only unphased by the constant monologue going on across the desk from her, she is able to learn in this environment. I, on the other hand, am not able to learn a thing. And I already know how to read!

The babbling continued into lunch. I finally looked at Hope, and in what must have been a very weary voice said, "Hope, do you EVER stop talking?" She stopped. And smiled at me. A big, sweet smile, And she stopped talking long enough for Jesse to ask, "Mom, are you tired?"

Yes, I need peace and quiet. I yearn for peace and quiet. (And my children wonder why I take so long in the bathroom. It's only because it's the closest I can get to peace and quiet. At least until someone comes knocking on the door. Or two children are standing outside the door arguing. But if I've slipped away unnoticed it gives me at least a few extra seconds of solitude while they roam the house yelling for me and I can pretend that I can't hear them, or they can't hear my feeble, "In here!")

This led to a conversation about Eden's college years. Having shared a room with Hope, and having shared her school space with the same, Eden is going to be able to sleep and study through everything. It was decided by popular vote that Eden will be able to share a college suite with 7 cheerleaders, all of whom listen to different radio stations at the same time, while also practicing their cheers. In the next suite over will be members of the marching band - percussion and brass sections - who also practice their craft in their room. On the other side will be members of an up-and-coming rock band and of course they will also practice at full volume. Eden will be unphased by all of this. When questioned, she'll calmly reply that she grew up with the Queen of Energy who fell asleep talking to the wall, her Barbies, and no one in particular - for hours. She'll also state that she learned to read and write while sitting across from an ever-spewing volcano of noise. So why, after all these years, should she not be able to concentrate with much less distraction than her own home?

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