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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Allow me to indulge myself

I didn't know I was in the midst of a mid-life crisis. But then I went to Allenberry to photograph their current show, "Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical" and I found that I uderstood all of the jokes and sketches in the show. I guess I'm older than I thought. So this is what midlife feels like.

But that's okay because whenever I'm feeling really old, all I have to do is go to a King's Strings concert. Inevitably someone will make me feel young again. Like Sunday night. Mariana was making small talk with a concert-goer who was asking about the family. The woman audience member did a quick head count of all those wearing red polos and asked Mariana if there were seven children in our family. Mariana corrected her by telling her we only have six. The woman then pointed to each of the seven she had counted. Mariana started laughing when she got to me and said, "No, that's my mom!" You can choose to believe it or not, but this happens at every single concert we have. After that infamous New York TV audition, we were standing on the sidewalk and as people left the theater they would recognize us from the audition and come over to talk. One woman looked at us and asked, "So, you're a bunch of kids with your dad?" Again Mariana made it her duty to correct the very nice woman who might possibly have a vision problem (but why get technical?).

Actually, when I'm feeling old it seems as if I don't have to go any further than to the pediatrician's office. It does make me feel old to sit there with my preschoolers when most of the parents of similar-aged children appear to be in their 20s, but today the receptionist made my day. I was sitting in the waiting room with Mariana when the very lovely and extremely nice receptionist opened her safety sneeze shield window and asked, "Mary Anna, is your mother with you today?" Even better, I was sitting right there - and the receptionist was looking right at me! Maybe they pay her to say nice things to old mothers. On the other hand, who's due for a yearly check-up? Anyone not feeling well? A little feverish, maybe? Who's due for a shot? I think I need to go back!

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  1. You ARE cute though Cindy. So take the compliments while you can get them. If you can get away with being mistaken for Mariana's SISTER, I pray people will continue to tell me I look like I'm 27 years-old! SweeT!