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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gotta love it

I love this family!

Even when the older kids tease the younger ones.

Even when the younger kids tease the older ones.

Even when the kids tease their parents.

Especially when the parents tease the kids.

Even when the van is dirty, not even 24 hours after I cleaned it.

Even when the basement is dirty, not even 1 hour after I cleaned it.

Even when the bathtub has a perpetual ring around it.

Especially when no one admits to putting the blue Fruit Loop on the ceiling.

Even when someone forgets to put an activity on the calendar.

Even when I spend the whole day in the car.

Even when everyone's arguing in the back seats.

Especially when I need to drive 4 children to 4 different places, all at the same time, and John has a meeting.

Even when certain children need to have the last word.

Even when we no one likes my homemade yogurt or vegetable lasagne.

Even when every King's Strings practice has at least one argument.

Especially when every formal pose ends with a goofy face.


  1. The goofy face pictures are always my favorites.