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Friday, July 29, 2016

Victor-isms, still going

Spend a few days (or even just hours) with us, and you'll soon see why Victor is occasionally wearing this shirt. It has nothing to do with his need to be reminded, but everything to do with my needs. For example, this was the third outfit of the day yesterday (yep, 14 months of potty training and counting...). Now you understand?

While cleaning up at the beach, my mom found a bottle of Head and Shoulders shampoo in the shower and, wanting to find out who left it there asked, "Who has Head and Shoulders?" Victor replied, "I do," and pointed first to his head and then to his shoulders.
Still a Beatles fan, Victor told me that he goes "to the beach 8 Days a Week." Don't worry, I've warned his preschool teacher.
Sitting underneath the computer table, Victor told me,
"I have reached my destination."
(Yeah, he likes the GPS.)
The rocking chair in Victor's room squeaks and someone told him that it needs oil. It has been months and it still is not fixed but Victor reminds us daily that it squeaks and needs oil. He tells random strangers about this phenomenon. This morning his water bottle was making a noise so he told me that it needs oil. Makes sense, right?

Along the same line of reasoning, Victor told me that his accordion needs oil. Why? Because it makes this noise when you move it in and out. 

Um, yeah, that's the noise it's supposed to make. Some people like it.
Mariana accidentally hit Victor with the door. She said, "I'm sorry, Victor, are you okay?" He responded with, "No, I'm 19 Broadway Ln." (Which is not exactly true; he responded with his real address but we all know that we shouldn't publish our location on social media.)
Victor: I'm going downstairs in the darkness.
Me: Okay, do you need to go to the potty first?
Victor: No, I won't pee in the darkness.
He asked Eden to play Hide-and-Go-Seek and told her to hide under the table. He counted to 10 and then ran to the refrigerator. "Are you in the fridge?" he asked as he opened the fridge and freezer (I think he just wanted to feel the cool air). Then he pushed the water button on the freezer, "Are you in the ice maker?" ('Cause he always likes to get wet) Then he finally ran to the location he had told her to hide in the first place. 
And just this morning, I was awakened by a very loud, "WAKE. ME. UP!!!!!!!!!" It was 5AM. On the one day I decided not to set my alarm for 5AM but to sleep in. Silly me. 
Because everyone knows you can nap better with 
a drum, a doot-doot-doot (another drum), 
and a worship team (food storage containers)

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