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Monday, July 4, 2016

Some more Victor-isms

While listening to Mama Mia's Thank You For the Music...
Victor: Mommy, thank you for the music.
Me: You're welcome, Victor.
Victor: Did God give it to me?
Me: Yes, He did give us music.
Victor: Does God have music?
Me: Yes, I believe he does.
Victor: On His ipod?
Victor was teaching M to play the violin.
V: Here, I'll help you. Put your finger down.
M started playing...
V: Is your finger down?
M: Yes.
V: Put your finger down!
M: I don't need to put my finger down for this part.
V: Okay, I'm going to the grocery store for a screwdriver.
He then gave her some "cards"...
M: I don't want them.
V: Use kinds words.
Me: Victor, why did you kick HopeAnne?
V: She took my worship team.
Note: Worship team = Upturned bowl and screwdriver that he was using as a drum and drumstick.
After repeated requests for Victor to sit quietly on the sofa while I read to the girls one evening, Victor continued to jump on the sofa and onto the sofa from the coffee table. Suddenly, in a surprising twist (for the child who is amazingly agile), he missed when jumping from coffee table to sofa. His eyes got big but he got up, dusted himself off, climbed onto the sofa, sat down very gently and said, "That is why I should sit on the sofa." It lasted all of 5 seconds.
While on vacation in Ocean City, NJ, each day, Victor would ask, "Is the ocean on?"
In the sand, one of Victor's favorite activities is playing his "worship team," a set of buckets arranged upside down in front of him. Favorite song choices? Yellow Submarine and Come Together.

The Good Doctor's preferred method of emailing, texting, and note taking, is speaking into the device, using voice recognition. The older kids laugh at his methods but today we found out that this may actually be teaching Victor a bit of grammar...

Victor likes to pretend that a shovel is a microphone. On the beach today he asked MomMom to talk into the microphone. She said, "My name is MomMom and I'm here with Victor on the drums." Without missing a beat, Victor added, "Period."
Asking Uncle Chad to speak into his microphone

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