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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The story behind the little engineer that could

Once upon a time, when I had time, I used to make clothing. Mine. The Good Doctor's (somewhere around here I think we still have a wool coat I made for him). For my children. And for baby gifts.
The Good Doctor's Shirt and Andrew's Outfit 
(complete with Daddy's football number 
- yes, I do know it's a baseball outfit)
Christmas outfits for the boys with
matching teddy bear print
Mariana's Easter dress and hat
Sometime around 2003 I must have made this little engineer's outfit, complete with hat, for my cousin's newborn son. Having saved it all these years, last fall they returned it to me so that Victor could wear it. At the beginning of the season it was still too big but today was the day. It finally fit.
He is so uncooperative. For pictures, that is.
Well, in all of life, really.
But we love him anyway.

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