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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Plan C

This post was supposed to be from NYC with tales of all the fun we (The Good Doctor and I) were having, the friends we were visiting, and all the peace and quiet we were experiencing with no children in tow.

Actually, that was Plan B.

Plan A was that The Good Doctor was going to take Mariana into the city for another audition for another college's musical theater program. The invitation came to audition, The Good Doctor made a hotel reservation so they'd be close and wouldn't have to leave at an ungodly hour of the morning, and they were set to spend yet another weekend headed in that direction.

But then she found out that she was accepted into another college's theater department and this particular college was one of her top choices. The college she and The Good Doctor had planned to visit this weekend was not. She decided to cancel the audition.

That's all fine and dandy except that The Good Doctor only buys cheap hotel rooms and they don't come with a refund in the case that you should decide to cancel.

So we decided, why not? We'll get a slew of sitters to come to the house and we'll spend the night in New York, go see a show, visit some friends, enjoy the quiet, etc., etc.

And then came Friday. First one woke up at 3:30 in the morning and threw up. Then when it was time to get up for school, another had a fever and sore throat. And a few minutes later there was another.

Then Mr. Victor woke up very lethargic. The child who would usually be jumping in his crib and screaming for breakfast, couldn't seem to stand on his own two feet, couldn't keep his eyes open, and wouldn't attempt to eat. He perked up on the way to the ER but after a call to his endocrinologist who wanted him to go to the ER, back we went. Of course they didn't find anything.

But the element of concern was there. How many people should actually enter our house, likely exposing themselves to innumerable germs? And what if Victor has another episode?

So we stayed home and this post is coming to you from my kitchen table, where it always comes from. It's loud. It's not peaceful. It's filled with germs. But it's home.  And we love it.

Although a weekend away would have been really nice.

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