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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Homeschool in a blanket

It was actually The Good Doctor's idea. Someone posted it to his Facebook timeline - the temperature blanket. And since we have a resident crocheter, we thought she'd love the idea.

She did. Here's how it works: Each day she adds a new row to the blanket. The row's color is determined by the day's temperature.

And it got me thinking. If I play my cards correctly, this could take care of all of our schooling for the rest of the year.

Math: We had to buy the yarn and figure out the day's temperature and know where it falls on the chart.

Reading: I'll have her read this blog.

Science: Weather and temperature -doesn't get much more science-y than that

History: Since she didn't start until mid-January, we were already behind and had to look up the temperatures for the first few weeks. History - voila! We even throw in a bit of geography by looking up the daily temperatures for - you guessed it - our home town.

Art: Looks pretty artsy, doesn't it?

Music: She's a Suzuki viola student. Just put the Suzuki listening CD into the CD player while crocheting and that's how you get music.

Foreign language: The yarn is made in China. And if we need more, we plan to purchase it on ebay. It ships from China. There are bound to be some Chinese characters on the package or receipt, right?

Gym: She had to walk from the van to the store to buy the yarn and back to the house after that. And she usually doesn't walk she runs, so that should count for something. To crochet her row each day she has to walk from wherever she is in the house to her bedroom and then if she needs to use the restroom or get a snack, she has to walk from her bedroom to her new destination. And there you have gym.

Recess: See above.

Field trips: To Jo-Ann's. Also to MomMom and PopPop's where she's sure to take her blanket to keep up and to show it off.

Home Ec: Duh.

And that's how you can get 365 days of homeschooling all in one blanket.

Addendum (added at 9:06PM): Just to clarify - Crocheting does not count as school at my house. It is a joke. It's actually part of an ongoing joke at my house. Someone mentions going to the grocery store and I say, "Ooooooo, great! Homeschool!" and then I start listing the ways it could count for every subject. Same with a trip to the dentist or to the orthodontist. But please feel free to come and look at my extensive lesson plans; they do not include everyday activities which schooled children would not get to count as school. It's a joke. It is only a joke. In the event of an actual Cindy-Does-Normal-Daily-Life-For-Homeschool, please contact the authorities immediately. In the meantime, please remember that most of what Cindy says is tongue-in-cheek or sarcasm. Meaning, it was a joke. It was only a joke.

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