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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowmageddon 2016

Noon on January 23, 2016:
They aren't going out the front door.

So out the garage it is.

They used walking sticks to get from the front to the back. Should have bought some traditional wood webbed snow shoes. Had we known the PA snow forecast that typically would be a bust would actually end with more snow than forecast.
Hot tub's toasty.
We tried to ease Mr. Sensory Issues into the idea of snow.
One little touch is all we got.

But when his buddy, Isaac, said he was going outside, Mr. Victor insisted on going along. He almost gave up at the hat and gloves but an MandM was a successful bribe.

He's outside! Wanted to be out, didn't like anything getting on his head or face, so they brought him in, and then he had a tantrum because he wanted to go out. Welcome to my world.
But then he did decide to get a little closer to the indoor snow.

The Good Doctor was very thankful that this is the year he got a hand-me-down snow blower. Unfortunately it does mean a little less winter cardio for me. Fortunately, it means less arguing with able-bodied teen-agers to get their butts out the door. And The Good Doctor was so motivated he shared his services with the neighbors.

And upon waking up this morning, more fun! Faces on cars, forts, slides, and sledding. Forced family togetherness is a good thing. Two days (so far) of working together, eating together, playing games together, and getting spa treatments together.

Doesn't get much better than this!

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