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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Changing hard days

Some days are just hard. Grades. Homework. Supper. Laundry. Cleaning up messes. And more messes. Crying. Mine and theirs. Tantrums. Squabbles. Poor choices. Disappointments. Mine and theirs. Heartache for others. Tired kids. Tired Mommy.

So what do I do to refresh, recharge, and get my focus where it needs to be? I wish I could say that I am the poster child for doing this the right way the first time.

Surprise, surprise. I can't because I'm not.

But the time between tantrum (adult version), stressing, hiding out, or crying and a right response is getting shorter.

That's because this is a journey and I haven't arrived yet but I keep pressing on.

So what do I do when I get myself beyond my little (or not-so-little) pity party? I turn on the worship music. I figure I need to be covered by the reminders found in the music and the whole household could use a good worshipful cleansing.

And we all have a heart change and renewal. I'm ready to pray. To listen. And to wait for an answer.

I used to pull out the Titanic CD, position myself on the sofa and wallow in my little sinking emotions pity party. As my good friend would tell me, Well, that would make anyone depressed.

Yeah. This is so much better!

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