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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Oh to be a King

Every family has its quirks and peculiar traits. The Kings are no different. And since I am not one from birth, I can say what I want.

Sometimes they share shirts. Makes for lighter packing that way?

Or maybe Aunt Cindy made them play a stupid game?

They like to draw pictures of trees. With cats climbing up trees.

Or maybe it's just another one of Aunt Cindy's stupid games? (To her credit, The Good Doctor - a King - always volunteers to plan the games but then guess who gets stuck with it?)

They have their very own Disney cousins. Meet Ana and Elsa.
Yes, it's true.

If they don't want you to sit with them in the kitchen, you get relegated to the hallway.

Or maybe that's the overflow 'cause there's so many of them?

They have trouble knowing a square from a ...... a kite?

It definitely can't be blamed on the teacher. She says it'll wash dishes - no matter what.

They choose to listen to Johnny Cash.
And yes, even Victor begs to listen to Johnny Cash, can identify his voice when a song is played, and chooses to watch videos of him on youtube.

They fight over being Aunt Shirley's favorite.

Do you come here often, Aunt Shirley? Yes, he actually asked her that question.

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