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Monday, November 16, 2015

Not for the faint of heart

Someone once gave the older boys a few action figures to take on vacation. They were given the suggestion to hide them each night after the little kids went to bed so they could find them in the morning. It was kind of an Elf on the Shelf idea except the mischievous elf had not been born yet. And it was summer, not Christmas. And there was no Pinterest for creative, over-the-top ideas. So, no, I guess it wasn't anything like the elf at all. Anyway, the little kids enjoyed finding the action figures hanging from the chandelier and dangling over the toilet and I don't remember what else.

So I guess I should not have been surprised when Victor's snake started showing up all over the place. Actually, Victor calls it a fake, not a snake. I don't know why. He can tell me that the fake says ssssss so I told him to say sssssssnnnnnnnnn-ake but he said "Ssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnn-no . .  . . . . fake."

I tried.
Imagine running down the steps, minding your own 
business, and finding this at the bottom.

Now we're on a roll. No one has ever spelled out the rules but I think it goes like this: If you find the hidden snake, you are allowed to move it to a new location.

I will admit to a little jump every time I open a drawer or the microwave or see this thing dangling from HopeAnne's pull-up bar but it's good, clean fun so why not?
She wasn't impressed to find it in her backpack. 
Not too thrilled about the time it was in her bed, either.

(And if you decide you'd rather not visit just in case you find the newest hiding place, that's fine. I understand.)


  1. Uh, you forgot the disclaimer for mandated reporters and helicopter parents. Whoops! : )

    1. Please don't report me for having snakes in the house!