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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Football or Recital?

Someone recently asked for advice on raising larger families. I don't know that I have any of that but I did say that I have to give myself a lot of grace. One thing that is very difficult for me is when I have to miss someone's event because I need to be taxiing other children or going to a different event or because it's an event to which Victor is not invited (per my specifications) so I stay home with him.

Senior Recognition Night for football was the same night as a violin/viola recital. The Good Doctor graciously volunteered to go to the football game (it was a sacrifice but someone had to make it) so I represented at the recital.

Thankfully, someone agreed to take photos of the important parts of the game (ie. not of the game itself) so that I could be there in spirit. After the fact.

And then the mascot decided to try cheerleading for a night. I wonder why King Kat never did that?

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