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Sunday, October 4, 2015

You are a treasure

I was blessed to speak at a women's event last night. I was going to wear a royal blue shirt; the only new piece of clothing I own (really new, not just new-to-me). But then it came down to 5 minutes before I was supposed to leave and I was thinking it was probably too much work to change out of the clothes I already had on. Except I noticed that Victor had shared his chocolate covered granola bar with the sleeves of my shirt so even though The Good Doctor protested, saying, "You look just fine. Why are you changing?" I went with my first instinct. The royal blue shirt it was.

Why does this matter?

Before the event started, the organizers, decorators, speakers, and worship leaders spent time in prayer. Part of this experience was being prayed over. As soon as I took my turn in the to-be-prayed-over seat, the woman smiled and said, "I found you!" That was a bit odd, was my thought. She continued, "My daughter-in-law was praying for me today, knowing that I'd be praying with all of you. She told me that  she received a message for 'the woman wearing a royal blue shirt.'" At this point I looked around and sure enough, I was the only one wearing a royal blue shirt. No one else had anything even close. In fact, I either missed the memo or am more out of line with fashion laws than I thought because everyone else was wearing fall colors. She went on to give me the prophetic message, the one specifically for the woman in the royal blue shirt. A word that not only encouraged who I am but also showed a glimpse into the next step in my spiritual journey.

And why does this matter?

Because this reminder that God not only knows my name, not only knows what I'm going to wear before I know what I'm going to wear, but cares enough to speak words directly for me, was not just for me. And that reminder led me to pray the same prayer over each woman who was going to be coming to the event that evening. As I prayer walked the building and my room, I prayed that each woman would hear something during the evening that was meant specifically for her. Whether from one of the speakers, in a worship song, a comment from a friend, a word in prayer over her, or even a still, small voice, it was my prayer that each woman went home knowing that she was the treasure in God's great treasure hunt.

Even the woman in the royal blue shirt.

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