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Friday, October 23, 2015

The lion and the thorn

We are loved so well. It was beautiful and comforting to wake up to so many Scripture verses, prayers, and encouraging notes. I spent much of my evening awake, praying for "the one" and that's a sleepless night I'm okay with. The picture that kept coming to mind was of a prone figure, alone in bed, weeping, a picture that was a reality here one night when I was able to speak truth and offer prayers while stroking the hair of one who wept. Except this time, there was no one to do the same. And so my prayers, combined with all of yours, made sure the comfort came from somewhere. I have to believe that. It has been said that foster care is a spiritual battle and I know this to be true. We have seen the battle waged for this life and it's a costly one but I'm not going to leave the battle and I thank each of you who is in the trenches with us.

There was an email awaiting me when I woke with the description of a vision God gave to someone while praying. I am so visual and I know God sent this just for me. It is a perfect picture, albeit heartbreaking, of the choices that have been made.

Last evening as I was thinking and praying about you and ________ and the situation a picture came to mind that I’ve been thinking about—of a lion with a thorn in his paw trying to be helped by someone who simply wants to pull out the thorn so the lion can be free from pain. The lion reacts against the person trying to help it and attacks believing the person intends to bring greater pain, when in reality that person is the best chance the lion has to be relieved of pain.

I have a letter written, ready to go out to the mailbox, to let someone special know that we will never stop caring, never stop praying that the thorn will someday be removed and that the lion will know the One who came to heal.

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