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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Celebrating with Jesse

People keep asking how my second oldest is doing at college and I have to give the honest answer, "I have no idea." No news is good news, I suppose?

He does not answer texts or call his mother just to say, "Hello." But occasionally he'll update Facebook, or someone else will tag him in a post or photo. So I know he's still there.

That's how I know he's jumped in with both feet, continuing the tradition that is Jesse. Intramural sports wearing tights, being elected class secretary, and asking for more Nerf guns for his birthday.

But because we don't hear from him, we didn't know that he'd actually be home on his birthday so instead of celebrating with him today, his celebration was Day 3 of our sugar fest and we feasted with him last weekend when he also decided to come home, that time to entertain as King Kat one more time.
Nevertheless, we are thankful to celebrate 19 years with our "Pumpkin Boy" today. Somehow I planned this just right and my firstborn comes home for spring break to celebrate his birthday and my second born comes home for fall break to celebrate his. Maybe the 3rd will be home for the summer for her festivities after she graduates? Never mind, she'll be in New York. I'll just enjoy them while I have them home.

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