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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Eden is 11 - almost!

October has arrived again and with it birthday week at the King household. You might have to just roll me out of this month.

Today we celebrate Eden who is turning 11 tomorrow. Tomorrow we celebrate with Shoun who also has a birthday on the 9th. And Saturday we will celebrate with Jesse whose birthday is next week. Three birthdays, three days in a row means 3 mornings starting off with donuts and 3 suppers ending with dessert. It's a sacrifice we have to make once a year.


This child has shown such great faith at an early age. Her prayers challenge and encourage me and others. She has a heart for others that is backed up with action. But she has also lived enough and seen enough to know that praying for others and serving others doesn't alway look pretty or end the way we wish.

In the last year she has experienced unfair and unkind treatment yet she continues to love and give to others, even to those who hurt her.

Where God is sending you, I don't know. But this I know, you will go with a servant's heart, covered in prayer, with grace and love.
Disclaimer: This was the obligatory first day of school photo but no child of mine has ever been allowed to wear PJs to homeschool. Ever. Because no one has ever been allowed to go to work in PJs. Ever. It's a good life lesson to learn. But since I'm so adamant about it, Eden thought it would be fun to get a photo of Hope in her PJs. Done.

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