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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Prom 2015

It's that time of year again. That time when every weekend there are photos on Facebook of our teens dressed to impress. Now that we're on Child Number 3 of 8, I think we've got this down to a T.

First, you go to the park and you take photos of the putting on of the corsage and boutonniere.

Then the photos of the group

and the men

and the women, although it might have been in the opposite order.

And if it starts to rain, you go under a tree.

And then the siblings join you.

Photos in the rain.

If it's a year of more than one King going to prom, you drive to the next location, preferably indoors since by now it's pouring.


Quite possibly the tallest and the shortest in the school, good thing they were not each other's date

Best photo of the night was of Mr. King with a photo of himself on someone else's phone. This is his solution to a rare problem: Being on prom court when you made the decision not to go to prom. This way a friend can hold up his photo for the person needing to dance with him and if he should get elected King, they have a place to set the crown. Skype was his second option. Maybe next year they'll ask people if they want to be on prom court, or even if they plan to attend. I'm sure Jesse and Megan are enjoying their dinner out together.

This was a close second for best photo of the night. For once, her mouth is closed and someone else's is open.

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