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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ahhhh-na's birthday

It was the middle of the night and Andrew woke up with an apparent bad dream. As I made my way into his room and reached up to the top bunk where he was sleeping, my water broke. I calmed Andrew down and got him back to sleep, went back to bed to tell The Good Doctor who immediately rolled over and went back to sleep.

When she entered the world, she came with her mouth wide open, projecting so that everyone on the whole ward could hear her. And she hasn't shut it since.

They say we can use our gifts for good or not-so-good and she has used that mouth for good.

She didn't have to be chosen Peter Pan for me to know that.

She didn't have to be voted Junior Prom Princess for me to know that.

It's evident in who she is and in what others say about her. It's in what others see when they look at her.

She has uses that strong personality and those loud talents to bless and encourage others.

Happy 17th birthday, Mariana! May you day be filled with the sound of your name pronounced correctly (Hint: Mary-Ahhhhhhh-na) and the sight of just one N in your name.

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