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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Victor likes to bang.

No, Victor needs to bang. His cup on the high chair tray. The kitchen utensils on the steps (you should see the steps). His block on the coffee table. His head on the wall.

We think we've figured it out. It's a combination of his lack of vision and sensory issues.

He needs noise in his life; it's a sense that works for him.

And he needs sensory stimulation such as spinning, swinging - and banging.

So Eden and I went to the Salvation Army and bought pots, pans, and tin boxes that make a lot of noise. And The Good Doctor stopped at some garage sales and bought up more of the same (our apologies to the grandmother whose heirloom serving dish is now being used to control Victor's aggressions).

I put a bunch of the items in a box along with a small plastic bat, a spatula, and a few other bang-able objects. Voila! Banging box. Now when he needs to bang something he shouldn't, we just scoop him up and take him to the box.

And then we decided that we shouldn't be the only ones enjoying Victor's music and The Good Doctor made a Banging Wall.

I bet the neighbors wish they had let us get those chickens we wanted instead.

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  1. This is awesome! A percussionist is equipped.