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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bir Mother's Day

Happy Bir Mother's Day!

Apparently Mr. Victor was singing Happy Birthday in the background and she got distracted. But he did sleep through the night so that was the best gift he could have given me, even if he did refuse to say Happy Mother's Day all day and instead sang me the birthday song and asked for a donut.

I never ever would have guessed that I'd be preaching on Mother's Day but The Good Doctor somehow convinced me that it would be a nice Mother's Day gift (for whom, is my question?) if I would join him on the podium today for a touching and heartfelt Mother's Day message.

On spiritual warfare.

Sometimes the pre-made schedule just doesn't fit the calendar.

We made it fit.

The consolation prize was that he convinced (bribed, maybe?) the older children to get the younger children ready for church and to bring them to church all on their own so that he could take me out to breakfast.

It ended up being a cover for practicing the sermon at Panera Bread.

But at the end of the day I can honestly say that their willingness to get up at 7AM to attend to the younger children (mostly Victor) and Eden's willingness to make muffins for the family's breakfast, and their volunteering to get everyone to church on time and looking nice (Victor was already on the second outfit of the morning by the time they got to church and after church I noticed that his pants were on backwards which they conveniently blamed on the nursery staff, but all-in-all it was a win), made this the best Mother's Day by far!

And then dinner out to celebrate. Jesse added a bit of adventure by telling the younger set that they were not allowed to use silverware; only chopsticks. I was allowed to use silverware since it was, after all, Mother's Day.

Victor used chopsticks for doing what he does best, banging.

After the initial failed attempts, and a bit of pouting, she got the hang of it.

And then cards including a poem by Shoun:

I hope you have a great day
We will all go outside and play
While you stay inside and sleep
But don't worry, we won't make a peep
But before I get carried away,
Have a happy Mother's Day!!!

and two cards from Hope:

happy mutrs day I hope you like your pesful day thank you for being a vare nies muther no mader haw i akt I will olways love you

Happy mothers day
You are kind
You are prity
You are a good kook
You are good with miy hare
I noe you love me

It's good to know I'm not just any old kook but a good kook and she likes my rabbit handling skills, too.

To end the day, Andrew came home with a great card that I can't post.

Thank you, everyone for the best Mother's Day ever!

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