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Sunday, January 25, 2015

What did he say?

What kind of vocabulary do you find in a toddler who is the youngest of 8, with several teen teachers?

Kentucky - In honor of oldest brother's current location, believe it or not, it's one of his clearest pronunciations

Piece of cake - Said mostly in a growly voice, not to ask for dessert but because this obscure (to Victor) phrase was taught to him by older brother for no reason other than to hear him say it

I'm Batman - Same as above

Let It Go - Proof that you don't have to see the movie to get the songs stuck in your head; if your older sisters listen to it ad nauseam, you are bound to pick it up eventually

Chocolate - And if your oldest sister secretly gives you chocolate, you will learn to very sweetly request it from her when she picks you up

Ice cream - I take full credit for this, including the temper tantrum when it is done

Vacuum - Victor had a love-hate relationship with the vacuum. The noise used to scare him so badly that he would literally shake in our arms. Then he insisted on touching it when it was off and later when it was on. Now he loves it and requests to have someone vacuum so he can follow along repeating vacuum both during the actual vacuuming and after the job is done.

Shoes 'n socks - To Victor, this is all one word to refer to either item, but no matter what you call them, he doesn't like either

Open Close - Again, I think this is all one word. I think Isaac was about to go crazy the other day when  Victor spent 5 minutes opening and closing a kitchen drawer, narrating as he went

Cindy - Yes, my little parrot heard The Good Doctor address me so now he likes to call me by my given name.

And my favorite?
In response to my "Love ya," I get a very sweet, "Wuv ya!" in response.

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