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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


4-13-02 was a monumental day in the life of the King family. This is the day that Cornelia joined our family.

4-13-13 was an even more monumental day as that is the day Mr. Victor came into this world.

But you already know most of Mr. Victor's story so for today, let's talk about Cornelia.

I will let Andrew tell about 4-13-02 as he wrote it for a newspaper article published 12-3-02:

"Once there was a boy named Andrew. He liked snakes so much that he wanted to get one of his own. He had a friend named Harry who had a pet snake and one day, Harry said that there was going to be a reptile show where you could buy a snake if your mom says it is okay.

Andrew's mom said it was okay so Andrew, Harry and Andrew's dad went to the reptile show.

There were snakes, poison dart frogs, lizards and boa constrictors. But Andrew didn't want any of those animals. He wanted a corn snake. He looked and looked and looked and finally found one. He paid for it and when he got home he decided to name her Cornelia."

And that was that. Actually, there was much more to the story. As a first grader, Andrew used to enjoy spending time in Harry's middle school science classroom. Mr. A, as his student called him, had all kinds of creatures from tarantulas to hairless rats. I nixed the tarantula idea immediately. Andrew never really asked about the rats but he had his heart set on getting a snake. We decided that if he read about how to care for them and earned the money for the snake and at least several month's worth of food, he could get himself a corn snake. He complied. The snake became his.

This is the day Cornelia joined our home and Andrew introduced her to little brother, Isaac. She came home in a little styrofoam container with a lid, the kind that you'd bring home take-out cole slaw or appleasauce in. There used to be a nice picture of Andrew holding her but I have no idea what happened to it. So sad, because today we took our last pictures of Cornelia as a member of this family. As I cleaned Cornelia's cage the other day, I realized that I was really the only one paying attention to her anymore. Except for feeding day, that's John's job. I don't participate in the act of animals eating animals. But it's not like he does anything other than stick the mouse in the cage and walk away.

My Facebook post to find her a new home produced an interested party. Who wouldn't be interested after such a loving and glowing description? Free to a good home: 

The easiest pet you'd ever want. Female, friendly, loyal, makes your home the coolest one in the neighborhood, does not sniff humans in embarrassing places, hypo-allergenic, sheds only every other month or so but easily cleaned up, does "her business" only once every two weeks and then you feed her, no sitter needed when you go out, makes no noise, can live in a large fish tank with breathable, heavy (can't easily be removed) lid, needs no vet appointments or shots, has only run away twice in 15 years and each time stayed close to her cage and was easily found, and can have 5 more good years if the books are correct. Andrew King is understandably heartbroken to see her go, but if anyone is seriously interested in his non-poisonous pet corn snake, Cornelia (you can even change her name if you want), the snake grandparents are ready to find her a good home. And if you act now, we'll even throw in the heat lamp and any of the fake rocks in her cage that you can use. We promise complete anonymity for whoever wants her, just PM and she's yours!

Thank you, Cornelia, It's been a great 12+ years. We've watched you grow from about 12 inches to somewhere around 46, hard to tell with a slithering creature. Enjoy your new home.

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