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Monday, January 5, 2015

The bridges of two counties

This is the tale of two bridges.

The first was a bridge in Ohio, located on the campus of a very beautiful and friendly college. This bridge, named Krehbiel Bridge, had a long and prophetic history.

As the story goes, anyone who dared to kiss someone on this bridge was bound to get married to that person someday, as long as all of the right variables were in place...

It had to be full moon...

It had to be the couple's very first kiss...

It had to be at midnight...

And it had to be exactly in the center of that bridge...

We recently spent an evening in the same town as that bridge. Our kids begged us to take them to that spot.

"But you'll make fun of us."

"Yes, we will. Pleeeeeeeeasssssse... And make sure you tell us the whole story. Again."

"Okay, fine."

Once upon a time there was a couple. They had started dating about a month earlier. Keep in mind that this was before the Duggars so no one knew that they were supposed to wait until they were married for that first kiss, nor that they should have invited one of their younger siblings on this date. This couple attended the exact college where Krehbiel Bridge took center stage and they knew the legend.

So, at midnight, during full moon...

And this is the second bridge. This one is in Pennsylvania. And this one bears the results of that first kiss at midnight, during full moon, in the exact center of Krehbiel Bridge.

Maybe we should have taken a chaperone with us?

But why, you ask, does the sign above the first bridge in our tale say Adams?

Because some dodo along the way didn't know the magic of Krehbiel Bridge, likely donated tons of money for the renovation of said bridge, and got it renamed in his honor.

Or maybe Adams did know the legend behind the bridge because maybe he was the very first person to kiss his girlfriend on this bridge for the first time at midnight during full moon?

Or maybe Adams got stuck marrying someone due to the dumb legend, was miserable his whole life, and vowed to break the spell that brought him such sorrow?

It's a good thing we got there before all that.

1 comment:

  1. I hadn't realized that the name of the bridge had changed. I can tell you though, that the legend behind the bridge did carry on after the name changed from "Krehbiel" to "Adams" (or "Smada" if you happened to be walking from the library towards Ropp Hall), although I never had the opportunity to test it for myself.