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Sunday, January 4, 2015


A King family Christmas would not be complete without making the trip to Ohio to visit with all of the Kings (and when I say all, I mean all). This particular tradition involves lots of photos, laughter, football, and food.

Speaking of football, for those who don't care as much about the Ohio - Alabama game as I do, let me tell you that Ohio was ahead by 2 touchdowns until the last 17 seconds when Alabama (or Arizona, depending on which TV you were watching) made a last minute touchdown but all is okay because Ohio still won. I know, because this is how it ended both times I watched it.

Many, many thanks to Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Doug for not only opening their home to 40+ people but for also volunteering to provide food for all involved. At least that's the story that I was given; that you volunteered. Personally, I think you were volunteered because no one is that crazy but either way, we can never thank you enough since I'm quite certain that besides no one going home hungry, we're all so stuffed that we've started 30-day cleanses today.

So there's the photo of the first cousins (give or take one or two).

And then plenty of Minute to Win It games.

Sibling reindeer would be fun, right?

And finally, why not recreate some of the photos from the past?
circa 2006
Christmas 2014
circa 2000
Christmas 2014
circa 1995
Christmas 2014

We somehow came home without a copy of the original to the best photo, one of the 6 siblings in a pyramid. I take full responsibility so unless someone can supply us with that photo, we'll just have to wait til next Christmas to see that comparison.

Stay classy, West Liberty... Till next time...

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