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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The most wonderful time of the year

Sing with me now, "It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

I woke my public schooled kids up by telling them they had a 2 hour delay.  I don't know if that one would have worked in any other year but this one. Hey, ya gotta take advantage of small favors when you have them! Don't worry, a few seconds later, while they were still singing my praises and resetting their alarm clocks, I gently knocked on the door again, "April Fool's!" Jesse called me a jerk but all's forgiven; he's not really a morning person.

Then I heard, "I wonder what we can have for breakfast today? ... Mommmmm..."

While there were many comments about the cheesiness of this prank, and of the non-trick-qualities of this prank, I have to say it was my favorite. It brought many smiles to the faces of my children today. Even Jesse. Although Mariana did say she thought there was a scene like that in her nightmares once.

Poor Isaac went throughout his entire day checking each item in the house before using it. It took him forever to take a shower because he first investigated the whole bathroom. It served him well, however, as the ole saran wrap over the shampoo bottle didn't catch him by surprise. Maybe he should think about a career in criminal science. I may have been slightly disappointed that he foiled my attempt but since everyone else had already been caught by this one, it was only a small defeat. Even Shoun, who had his head shaved last night, picked up the shampoo, tried to get it out, tried again and again and again, picked up the other shampoo bottle in the shower, repeated the whole process, and only then remembered that he didn't have to shampoo his hair so he gave up.

From a recent trip to the Dollar Store I stocked up on all kinds of tricks like the fake golf ball through the window, the squirting water calculator and the squirting water stick of gum. They were all mostly duds except that can of fake peanuts which, of course, had a screaming, flying worm inside. Eden found the can first thing this morning, took one look at it and said, "Mom, really?" Shoun came to me at snack time and yeah, he was had by the can of peanuts.

Of course the kids need to add their own jokes and pranks to the mix which can sometimes get out of hand and go downhill fast. Shoun got Eden with the same old rubber band on the kitchen sprayer trick, the same trick he's done every year since he came here. It would have been okay in any combination other than Shoun to Eden or Eden to Shoun so then came the annual, "You have to know your audience, blah, blah, blah..." speech.  Eden looked for Shoun's and Isaac's toothpaste tubes so she could squirt blue food coloring inside. She came down to report that they were nowhere to be found. I thought that was pretty smart of them; hiding essential items the night before April Fool's. But when questioned in the morning, they admitted to not brushing the night before. Shoun's answer was, "Well, I guess it's still in my suitcase from the beach and when I went to brush last night I was too tired and couldn't remember where it was so I just thought I'd wait a day." I liked the hiding essentials theory better. Jesse and Isaac saran wrapped the toilet, later confiding that they were trying to trip me up but instead the Good Doctor came out of the bathroom saying, "It's a good thing I spit in the toilet first." Looks like some of the kids are learning the art of good pranking from yours truly but good, clean fun is an acquired skill.

Speaking of which, I learned it from the master herself. My mom was known for all kinds of great tricks, usually at my dad's expense. It's a wonder he didn't plan a business trip over the 1st of April every year. More impressive when you remember that she didn't have the advantage of pinterest to help her cause. Yes, thanks to you, Mom, I have plenty more ideas up my sleeve for years to come.

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