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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Birthday, Victor!

April 13, 2013 was just a typical day in the life of the Kings.

I was working on background checks for the staff of the non-profit for which I am a board member and scheduling homeschool evaluations for the next two months.

We were discussing Annie rehearsals for Eden and HopeAnne.

I was feeling discouraged on the adoption front, knowing that Eden's date of April 20 was approaching but that there had been no recent glimmer of hope.

Jesse was at a camp-out with a group of middle school boys doing what guys do on these things, eating lots of meat, playing with fire, making torches, laughing, etc.

I was in the midst of a discussion with a non-believing friend, continuing to pray for peace, joy, and freedom.

HopeAnne was recovering from what I thought was pink eye and strep but what turned out to be pneumonia.

I was dealing with my own physical symptoms with pain and fear.

So maybe it wasn't just a typical day for the Kings. And maybe that was because there was a beautiful young woman in Utah who was bleeding profusely and who went to the hospital with fear for herself and for her baby. Maybe it was because this young woman was not only dealing with the physical pain of delivering her 25 week old baby but because she was also dealing with the emotional pain of knowing she was going to go home without that baby. Maybe it was because there was a young woman on the other side of the country who was frightened and alone but who was soon to become connected to us through the life of a little boy. That life being a gift that she chose to give to him. Her decision brought her great pain, grief, and fear.

A note to my prayer partners that day brought this response...

"So....are you guys storming the gates of hell or what?  Sounds like the enemy is rather ticked off.  I think it's awesome and I will joyfully join this battle for health ....  This tells me that you are doing something very right in the Kingdom.  XOXOX

Standing with you in prayer.

I released (in the name of Jesus) 400 angels to your home to care for "family matters."

Bless you all and thank you for letting me know.  I will keep praying."

We didn't know, we couldn't know, that those "family matters" included a baby already born who was soon to become our son. 

Happy Birthday, Mr. Victor!

In our joy and celebration, we know that there is a very sweet woman with a void in her life. We know she remembers this day. Please pray that my message to her today is received with the same message of love and hope with which it is sent. Pray for this young woman to know the Savior who loves her and is pleased with her. Pray that she knows that she is loved and valued by us and by her "Noah."

And continue to pray for "Victorious Long Life of Faith in the One True King." Pray for total healing. God said that he would amaze and he is doing just that!

God is good.
 All the time.
 All the time.
God is good.

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