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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Day-Before-Easter

When your father is a pastor, and you are a teen-ager, you have a dilemma on Easter morning. You can get up really early to get your Easter basket before said father goes to the church or you can wait until after church. But then you're usually on your way to visit your grandparents for Easter dinner.

Thankfully, you have a mother who understands such things and who is willing to make this work. Enter "Happy Day-Before-Easter," the day when the members of the King family receive their Easter baskets. Another bonus?  Keeps the emphasis of the real meaning of Easter ON Easter.

So we negotiated a 10AM wake-up time with the teens to start the hunt. We always do something different to send children looking for their baskets; some years it's a collective hunt, some years it's individual hunt, sometimes it's follow-your-string-to-the-end, or whatever comes to mind.

This year, I found several treasure hunts online and thought of having each child complete a different one.  Then I found this Frozen themed scavenger hunt. I knew my girls would love it and my boys would roll their eyes. Perfect!

Each child received the cards in a different order and the hunt had them criss-crossing through the house until finally - the end. Some were more amused than others.

No candy this year, just books, games, hair accessories, gift cards, jewelry, and -

yeah, we really went there.

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