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Monday, September 9, 2013

The big question

"What's the update on Victor's eyes?"

Good question.  And one that I've been asked repeatedly.  With good reason, since I did ask for prayer for his eyes but then never gave an official update after his last appointment.

First, the good news.  The pediatric ophthalmologist did see Victor "wince to light" during the last exam.  This tells us that something is happening.  The bad news is that he is definitely delayed in his vision cues so we're really not sure how much he is seeing or if he is seeing more than light and dark.  The very kind and knowledgeable folks from Early Intervention were here this week to do their initial evaluation.  They agreed that Victor is delayed in focusing on faces but explained that some children need to "learn to see" and that maybe Victor falls into this category.  They have already given us strategies to try at home to see if we find improvement.  Victor also has a follow-up torture appointment with the eye doctor who will once again do his best to look inside a small moving target.  That visit is scheduled for Sept. 23 and I will try to update quicker next time.  As you can imagine, my opportunities for writing have gone down exponentially since leaving Utah.

The physical therapist also noted that Victor has hypertonia in his legs and hips (which had been mentioned in the NICU as well) but has low muscle tone in his arms.  These are all areas that the physical therapist will work on, and will teach us exercises and games to do with him.  We should be getting phone calls this week from both a developmental therapist and a physical therapist.  They will come once a week, on alternating weeks.  It's it bad that the special ed. teacher in me is looking forward to these visits?  I can't wait to actually have more tangible therapies to do with Victor.  I have lots of little helpers here as well.
Please pray for complete vision, not even the need for glasses in the future.  In the short-term, you can pray that we would see signs of focusing.  This Momma really wants to see a purposeful smile on her sweet boy's face.

Pray also for Victor's reflux.  Reflux is pretty much a given with a micropremie and while those cheeks and chins prove that a lot is staying in, my laundry pile can attest to the fact that a lot is coming back up!  Sometimes he is a "happy spitter" but other times he is clearly in pain.  Pray for complete healing.

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