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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Note: No babies were harmed in the taking of these photos.

We took Mr. Victor outside to enjoy the beautiful weather today.  He loved it!

Taking after his older brother, Andrew, he decided to enjoy some time as Superman and explore the skies above the city.

Next he explored underwater.

But then we ran out of driveway so we'll have to wait til after it rains to give him more adventures.


  1. Could Super Victor please fly over to my house so I can snuggle with him, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just say................I love me some little brown babies and mine are all grown up or atleast alot bigger then Victor:)

    Love, Janeen

  2. Very cute. Like the curious ideas.

  3. Love that he's picking up his head while on his belly. Little man isn't so little anymore!