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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prayer and fasting

One of our dear prayer partners contacted us today to tell us that as she read about Victor's diagnosis and his vision, she felt called by God to organize a time of prayer and fasting.  We would love to have you join us if you feel led to do so.  This is being organized for Sept. 26, 27 and 28, to fast in whatever way you wish.  She explains it so well so I'm including her letter here.  If you decide to join us, we'd love to hear from you, either in a comment below, a Facebook message, or an email. 

"Dear Friends and Family of the King Family,

Dallas and I were away, so read the blog about Victor for the first time Sunday evening. As I, Faye, was thinking about it all, I "heard" that I should "call a fast" for Victor and his healing and for financial issues regarding him to be resolved. I am tardy in following through, ("Really, Lord, you want ME to do this?") but almost two days later, I know that this is to be. I feel inadequate to be doing this, but obedience is the issue. :)

Growing up, I observed that fasting with prayer was often engaged in by members of my church/denomination for spiritual breakthroughs. These days it seems to be a somewhat neglected discipline by many believers (This is directed to me, too.) The Bible often mentions fasting with prayer. Jesus assumed that we would fast when He said in Matthew 6:16, "When you fast . . ." not IF you fast, assuming that we will.

There are books written about fasting; I have several, and in prayerfully consulting them, I am suggesting a three days food-related fast for healing and for covering and protection for Victor and his family. How and when God uses this is up to Him!

Fasts can be quite varied - each of us can prayerfully determine what it is to be, whether all food, a meal a day, desserts, sugar, just vegetables, etc. Combine the self denial with prayer and it becomes fasting for spiritual breakthrough (title of a book).

In order to be united in this, I am suggesting the days of September 26, 27, 28th, this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Knowing that others are joining you is encouraging and faith building and the power that unity brings is great. So, please click "reply to all" and sign on, not what you are doing, but that you are joining in. If you don't care to participate or to reply that you are, that is just fine. I know that the King family will be encouraged by knowing we care and want to put our concern and caring into spiritual warfare action.

God bless each of you,
Faye Shelly"  

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