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Monday, April 29, 2013

This is family

Yesterday morning was such a sweet, sweet time of prayer.  We opened it up to whoever was available and willing, to meet us immediately after church to pray before we needed to leave for the airport.  Even before that, the hugs, the encouragement, quick prayers in the hallway, all were special.  My Sunday School class prayed for us as well.  But here, after church, friends kept coming in.  I wish it could have been recorded in some way for sweet Victor to see someday.

In church yesterday morning I clearly saw a picture of Jesus standing at Victor's incubator (food cart, as Andrew called it when Mariana was a baby), loving him, kissing him, stroking him, breathing life into him, and holding his healing hand over Victor's tiny chest.  That picture came back to me throughout the day as we flew from PA to Utah.

I am so thankful for the hope we have in Christ.  I am so thankful for redemption, mine and Victor's.  I am thankful that, as one friend remarked afterward, "this is family."

As you pray today, please remember these needs:

Pray for the children at home.

Pray for Victor's birth mother who we are to meet at the hospital this morning.  Pray for her heart.  Pray that she would find HOPE.  This is just as much about her as it is about Victor.  I so much long for an on-going relationship with her so we can speak truth to her.  She is loved and admired.  Our family will pray for her daily.

Pray for us as we begin to talk with the doctors, that we would fully understand his status and coming milestones.  Pray that we would know the questions to ask.

Pray for miracles in Victor's life.  Words that have already been spoken over him are that he will be victorious and a world changer, he will amaze and God will use him in significant ways.


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