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Monday, April 1, 2013

Jesus shoes

A few weeks ago we had a snow day.  Although we never really got any snow so it technically wasn't a snow day, it was more of a no-snow day or maybe a threat-of-snow day.  Maybe the best description is cancel-school-because-they're-calling-for-snow-and-we-wouldn't-want-an accident-that-could-result-in-a-lawsuit-against-the-school day.

While sitting at home with no snow, my daughter was bored.  So she started looking at the websites for local theaters and found an audition.  That night.  The show?  Thoroughly Modern Millie at a community theater.  This production being for 3rd - 9th graders, she decided that she should go.  Not only would this be her last year for this youth program, but she had aspirations of being Mrs. Meers.  Twice we've seen this show and twice the actor playing Meersy was brilliant.  Mariana wanted to be them.

She got the part of Millie.  You know you're a drama queen when you have to psych yourself up to be the lead because you really wanted a different role.  Oh, the problems of the extremely talented.

But we're beyond excited for her.  As is she.  Now that she's over not being able to hone her fake Asian accent.

Only we just found out that Millie needs tan character shoes and tan tap shoes.  Originally it was okay to wear black ones, which Mariana owns.  But they changed their minds.  Mariana did have tan character shoes but she let someone borrow them in the last show and a strap broke.  The very kind borrower offered to return the borrowed shoes but unfortunately Mariana really needs a working pair, not a broken pair, go figure.

I love my daughter.  Even before telling us of this need, she started praying that God would provide these shoes.  It's not that we absolutely cannot afford to buy these shoes right now.  It's just that it wasn't in the month's plan.  And usually we have Mariana purchase her own dance wear.  No need to argue this point with me, it's the way our family works and besides, the girl has been getting paychecks for acting since she was 9 years old.

Anyway, she told us about this one night and we also encouraged her to put the request out there on Facebook to see if anyone had a pair to sell.

The next day, someone anonymously offered to buy Mariana a new pair of shoes.  So she now calls them her Jesus shoes.

Don't ever think that God doesn't care about each and every one of our requests.  He cares about us from the top of our heads to the (you got it) tips of our toes.  Even when those tips need taps.

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