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Monday, April 8, 2013

Monsters and jeans, oh my!

My teen boys say that Pinterest is evil.  I suppose it could be.  On the other hand, as I've said before, it sure beats keeping lots of great ideas in file cabinets and overflowing out of notebooks all over the house.

So when I saw the creative ideas for patching jeans, I knew this was one I could use.  I was just waiting for the right moment.  And the right jeans.

Yesterday I saw Mariana wearing jeans with holes in them.  I inquired as to whether she actually wanted the hole in her jeans, just testing the water.  She reminded me that I had bought them like that.  Now, lest you judge me for spending good money for hole-y jeans, let me just say that they came from the thrift shop.  At a price that reflected the fact that the jeans looked previously worn.  Where, in fact, we expected the clothes to be previously worn.  And coming from another member of the human race who is height challenged, I can attest to the fact that when you find a pair of jeans that fits, you are less inclined to care what they look like.  Especially if they are just a few dollars.

Going on.  I casually asked if she minded if I would patch her jeans.  She said it'd actually be nice because then she could wear them to school and the teacher with the I'll-lecture-you-if-you-wear-jeans-with-holes-to-school-because-that's-not-very-professional philosophy (Since when is high school professional, for that matter, when do college students dress professionally for class?  I don't want my kids to be slobs, but all in due time.) would not lecture her.  I asked if she cared what kind of patch?  She didn't.  Good.

Later, when she went off to youth, I set off on the adventure of her room to find said pair of jeans.  Wasn't too difficult, thrown as they were on top of the pile of clothes (not sure if it was a pile of clean or dirty clothes?) in the middle of the room.

I headed to my sewing table and an hour and a half later...

I then deposited the jeans right back where I'd found them (although a little more folded and with both legs pulled through right-side-out).  When she came home I reminded her that the weekend was almost over and she had an obligation to clean her room.

Then I waited.  For the elephant-like stampede down the steps.  It came.  She was thrilled.  And determined to wear them to school today.  With red Converse since they match the little guy so well.

Who's next?  Andrew?  Jesse?  Friends?  Classmates?  Enemies?  This was so much fun I think I'll be emboldened to approach strangers on the street just to ask if they'd like me to patch their jeans.  For a donation to our adoption fund, of course.

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