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Monday, April 22, 2013

Lunchtime Blessing

Sometimes blessings come wrapped up in the nicest surprises.

I took HopeAnne to lunch today.  We enjoyed a nice time together while she wiggled and squirmed and kept up a running commentary.  As we finished up, I got the little bill holder thingie (does that thing have a name?) ready for the waitress.  But then Hope had to go to the bathroom.  So, we trotted to the other side of the room while I hoped the waitress didn't think we had left for good.

When I returned to the table the waitress was standing there with my credit card in hand, no bill holder thingie.  She told me that my bill had been paid.

I was speechless.

I wanted to stand up and look around the room, to see who looked the most generous.  I refrained.  I wanted to make a public announcement thanking the anonymous donor.  I didn't.  I cried.  Well, not exactly right away.  I hurried Hope along so I could cry in the privacy of our own car.

You see, it was a rough week.  We felt spiritual attack on so many fronts.  The enemy doesn't like something that we're doing.  Maybe it was the Good Doctor's dissertation defense or maybe it was his two weeks of preaching on sexuality and purity.  Maybe it was our talk at Diversity Day.  Maybe mountains are moving for our adoption?  I don't know.  Our Good Samaritan Angel didn't know either but chose to follow a nudge to bless two people at lunch.

I made it to my car.  But then I lost it.

Thank you, Jesus, that you care so much about us that you would take the time to bless us in this way today.

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