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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nice and toasty

One nice result of having lost my sewing room and not yet having a new space for it is that everything is out in the open and I am more motivated to get it done and have less mess sitting around.

So, since this whole renovation project was begun, I have hemmed 2 pairs of new-to-me jeans.  The bad part of being short is that you hem a lot of pants.  The good thing about being short is if you buy your jeans at a secondhand shop and they are frayed at the bottom, it doesn't matter because you're going to end up cutting that part of anyway.  I have fixed a pair of Mariana's pants that have been on my pile for 6 or 7 years.  Yeah, it's that bad.  Obviously they won't fit her any longer but maybe Eden? I fixed Shoun's suit coat which is also way too small at this point but since it's one of the things he brought with him from New York and since he was so proud of himself whenever he wore his suits, I thought it was important for him to keep.  He claims he's not interested in girls nor is he ever dating, getting married or having children.  But just in case he changes his mind on all of the above, he might like to pull out that suit coat and try it on a dependent.

Several months ago the little girls and I made these hand and foot warmers.  After that fiasco with the dog eating the bought variety, I thought this might be a little safer to have around the house.  Actually, I made them and the little girls filled them and then I cleaned up all the tiny pieces of rice that they left on the floor.  Since I am always cold it's nice to heat up a couple of these, put them in your gloves or pockets and keep your hands just a little bit warmer.  The little girls thought they were great for playing outside in the winter.  I decided to try them as bed warmers.  They worked great but after several nights of trying to carry handfuls of little warmers to bed, the Good Doctor suggested that maybe I should make a larger one for myself.  Why didn't I think of that?

Thus began the bed warmer project.  You laugh but it means that I can keep the house temperature down at night and not have anyone complain.  And besides, my dad tells of going to bed with a heated brick at his feet.  At least it doesn't hurt so bad if I roll over or accidentally kick one of these.  It worked so well that all the Littles in the house wanted one.  By Littles I mean those younger than me since at this point only two of them are actually littler than me.  I must not be the only person in Mechanicsburg making bed warmers for an army since the huge bags of rice are currently out of stock at the grocery store.  Unless of course people are actually buying those large bags to eat the contents.  So I have a few more made and a lot more ready to be filled.

I think I got a little carried away.  Want one?

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