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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Aprons for Mommy's helper

Well, the party's over.  The Good Doctor is home.  The Littles are home.  I'm getting nothing done.

Let's rephrase that.  I'm cooking, and cleaning, and child rearing.  I'm just not sewing or reading, or... You get the picture.

But I did finish up one more project before the troops and their commander arrived.  I had cut these aprons out sometime last year but never finished them up.  For a while I had the excuse of needing to buy more Velcro but then there was no excuse.

So, I finally completed this project.  Each child's apron fits best on a child wearing sizes 4 - 8 but my girls have worn them younger in which case they just drown in them, and older in which case they're just a little more snug.  Each apron is 19 1/2 in. from the top of the bib to the bottom of the apron and 16 in. from one side of the apron to the other.  Straps then fit around the back and neck.  Either way, they're great for Mommy's Little helper or Mommy's Little Copycat.

Let me know if you want one or if you know anyone who does.  In the past they've sold for $12 plus shipping if you need it shipped and of course it'll all go into our adoption fund.  It's getting a little late for Valentine's Day but if you're local we could work that out.  There's always Easter baskets.  Each one is the same on the back unless the picture shows otherwise.  Adjustable Velcro at both the neck and around the back.  Completely washable because the whole point of wearing is apron is because you assume you're going to get messy, right, and you want to protect your clothes.

Please post this page to Facebook and send it to all your email contacts and just maybe I can sell these before posting on etsy!

For the future teacher, or teacher's daughter:

For the cow lover?  Or one who lives on a farm?
 This one has canning jars, red pocket and blue trim:
 More cows, pink pocket, blue trim:
 Canning jars like one above but this one is trimmed in red:
 SOLD!!! Black or navy background with lots of pink flowers, pink pocket, pink trim:

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