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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Adoption update

First, a recap.  We have been home study ready since the first week of December and two days later we started applying to agencies that our consultant works with.

Since then, we've had numerous possible situations come through.  We read the information given about the expectant parent(s) and then prayerfully make a decision.  This has been so heartbreaking.  How do you say no to a child based on the health history of a parent or the poor choices of a parent?  At times I've felt picky but our consultant assured me it was being wise, not being picky.  That made me feel better, but I still just want to take each and every one regardless of the outcome.  We know, however, that with seven children already at home, we need to make a wise decision based on the time and care we know that we are able to give.

Twice we have said yes and our profile was shown to the expectant parent(s) along with several other families who were also willing to parent that child.  The wait is excruciating.  Think about that pregnancy test needing to take several days to give you a result instead of a few seconds.

Each time we were not chosen.  While that can be a discouraging feeling, we continue to repeat what we have said from the beginning of this journey, "God has the perfect match for us, in His perfect timing."  He's not going to give us the wrong child, nor will He allow us to miss the right one.

We are thankful for prayer partners who have helped us carry the burden of these choices.  Sometimes the answer was easy, sometimes not so much.  We ask all of you to pray for us; for wisdom, for patience, and for faith.

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