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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cookies anyone?

For anyone who may have missed the actual information for our cookie fundraiser:

You can call them Stuffed Cookies...
You can call them Inception Cookies...
But we like to call them Pregnant Cookies...
...because we're expecting.  Well, kind of...

Yes, the Kings are adopting again!

If you like cookies, and an Oreo cookie stuffed inside a chocolate chip cookie to be exact, then have we got a deal for you!  Order just a few or a dozen or two, and you can help us help another child.

If you are interested in some cookies
1.  for yourself (it'll be our little secret)
2.  for someone special (awww, you're so sweet)
3.  for a gift (Surprise!)
4.  for a picnic (hurry up, it's getting colder out there!)
5.  for a college student (we've already sent orders to colleges as far as MA and CO!)
6.  for someone who can't make it home for the holidays
7.  or you fill in the blanks (Be creative - you can do it!)

then please let us know at kingzoo@comcast.net.  Let us know if you'd like us to include a note, if you're local and plan to pick up or would like a drop off, where you'd like them mailed, etc.

Individual cookies have a minimum suggested donation of $1.00 or more (Remember, each cookie is really the equivalent of 2 or 3 cookies)
A dozen cookies has a minimum suggested donation of $10.00/dozen or more
Keep in mind that shipping adds an additional cost of approx. $7.00 or more/dozen

Just as exciting as getting closer to our goal is the many ways people are choosing to bless others through our fundraiser.

A family sent cookies to their nephew/cousin far away in college.  He reported that they were the best cookies he's ever eaten (really - those were his words - I didn't make it up).

Grandparents ordered cookies to be delivered to their grandchild for her birthday.

A couple sent a donation and asked us to bless any of the college students who attend our church.  The best part of this story?  The couple lives out of the area and doesn't even attend our church except when visiting relatives.

One of our instrumental teachers gave a donation and asked for just one cookie per week at the child's lesson.

A musical theatre friend of ours, now back in college, shared a beautiful story of how her younger sister was adopted and her desire to someday have a family of her own that grows through adoption.  She sent a donation and later reported that her office really enjoyed the cookies they received!

A youth worker at our church ordered cookies to be sent to a former youth who is now at college.  The college student is now doing his best to find someone else to send him a dozen or two.  :)

A young woman's mother was scheduled for cancer surgery so she ordered cookies to take along for her mother and the family post-surgery.

A 16th birthday party was blessed with some of our special cookies.

A friend asked us to send cookies to someone currently serving in ministry.

I can't wait to see where they are going next!

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