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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Adoption grace and blessings

This morning, as I read (yet another) beautiful adoption story, I was reminded again of the sacrifice of the birthmother.  We have in our possession a lovingly-written letter from HopeAnne's birthmother to us which we plan to give to her on that day when she can both understand and believe the words that this woman gifted to her.  Our joy on termination day stood in stark contrast to the pain of the woman who gave life to this peanut of a little girl.

But another blessing of our newest adoption announcement has been the willingness of others to share their own adoption stories.

A man, old enough to be my father, told us that he had been adopted.  For years he has tried to find information about his birth family, mostly for the sake of his children and grandchildren, to have a health history he can pass down.  He knows he was born in the days when unwed mothers were sent away to "Aunt Edna's" for a vacation, only to return, predictably, about 6 months later, forever changed  by the events of the pregnancy and birth.  His suspicion that it could have been someone in the community, and that his aunts and uncles could tell him the truth, will now never be confirmed since they have all passed on.  But there is no anger, no bitterness.  There is life and grace in the adoption story.

Just this week we received a letter from a wonderful friend.  Just recently, she revealed that she had been adopted as an infant.  Her words brought tears to my eyes.

"I was really moved by your adoption cookie story and immediately knew that I wanted to help.  Being an adopted child myself, I have embraced all that this has meant to me over the last several decades.  A selfless act on the part of a brave and strong woman.

God led me to my forever family and I know he did the same with HopeAnne and Shoun.  I have never thought of my family as being anything other than, my family, although I have found that there are people who don't believe that.  There have been points where I have struggled with that notion and accept and embrace that this was God's will.  I, too believe, that God is also calling you to do the same once again.

I loved the adoption cookies and thank you for sharing them with [my daughter].  You have been so kind ot her over the years and certainly have accepted her as part of your family.  See, genetics has absolutely nothing to do with it!  There is so much love to be shared and I know you have more to give.

Looking at the end of the month budget, I find I was a bit ahead of where I thought I would be, so please add the enclosed to your fund.  no cookies, no thanks, just one step closer to God's work being fulfilled for your family.

Blessing to you all as you continue on this journey."

I am truly humbled and thank God for the gift of life that this woman is to her family and friends.  Thank you, not just for sharing your end-of-the-month gift, but for sharing your story with our family.

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