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Friday, June 1, 2012

Kite flyin' Hopie

The Good Doctor called HopeAnne on the phone this morning to invite her to lunch. It is, after all, her birthday, and she's been excited all day.

The Good Doctor: Hi, Hope. How are you?
Me (in the background): Tell him you're higher than a kite.
HopeAnne: I'm flying a kite.
Me (in the background): No, tell him you're higher than a kite.
HopeAnne: What?

Well, he managed to invite her to McDonald's, anyway. And the manager heard that it was Hope's birthday and sent her home with three Happy Meals toys and a McFlurry Sundae full of anything she wanted.

As if she wasn't already higher than a kite. For of course there was the donut with candles for breakfast.

And some taste-y cookie pops from our friends, Andrew and Melissa (thanks, Guys!). And a visit from a very special cousin. (No, Molly didn't wind her up at all)

And of course she was allowed to choose her dinner and dessert. Pizza Monkey Bread was the meal du jour and a Hello Kitty cake sent her to bed wound up higher than she was before.

Time for some Melatonin and bed. We love you, HopeAnne!

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  1. Happy Birthday HopeAnne! God made you special and HE loves you very much!!! (P.S. I love to your what your Mommy writes. I think God filled her head with wonderful words and stories)