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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Andrew's matchmaker

Being seventeen, with a little sister 10 years or more your junior, can prove to be quite embarrassing yet entertaining at the same time.

Andrew's date recently joined us at the beach. Eden showed Maggie how to catch sand crabs and was thrilled when Maggie caught her first one. She then leaned over to Andrew and whispered, "That's why I want you to marry Maggie."

Later, we were all sitting around talking when Eden realized she was the center of attention. She took the opportunity to tell Maggie that she should name her son Andrew the Second. This led to a very interesting conversation with Eden center stage.

She was asked what she would name her children. She answered this by instead telling us that she knows who she is going to marry. She said it has to be someone with dark skin because she wants twins; one white and one black. She told us that she is friends with a certain young man on Webkins and that this is the person she has in mind to marry. "Oh, so it's Webkins official, then?" we asked. I don't think she understood the question but she explained that she does give him gifts through Webkins.

Andrew explained to Eden that he was given a gift certificate to enjoy ice cream with his date and a "third wheel." We explained to her what a third wheel was and asked her why she thought a third party would be necessary on a date. Without batting an eye she explained to us less informed folks that it was so the dating couple could get used to having kids. Andrew told her that he was already used to having kids around. She said that he could get better at it.

She then informed us that after people get married they go on a honeymoon. We asked her what they do on a honeymoon. She didn't even have to think about her answer. "They get ice cream." Of course.

Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I know that I got ice cream on my honeymoon!

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