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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Worth every cent

I'm not sure what we have more of in our house - stink bugs or Silly Bandz. The latter come from Pastor Dave. I'm not sure about the former. Thankfully I can pay my kids 25 cents for each stink bug flushed and that keeps the little flying pests under control (it didn't take Shoun long to get over his stink bug fear once he learned he'd get paid to wrap them in a Kleenex and give them a free trip to the sewer). The Silly Bandz, on the other hand, have no monetary value attached. Too bad.


  1. Silly bands are are worth at least a penny a piece in materials alone. That's not even counting the fun you can have with them when you see the smile on kids faces when you give some to them.

  2. The smiles are because they know they are going to get "that look" from their mother. :) Thanks, Dave!