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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Our viola teacher was here yesterday. She glanced outside at our washline and asked the inevitable question:

Did you just return from a vacation to Hawaii or Alaska?

Neither. Saturday's warm weather inspired me to declare it the "First Day of 2011 to Hang Wash Outside". I was also inspired to wash multiple loads of laundry, including winter coats that I was hoping we'd no longer need (this winter) and a load of bathing suits from frequent hot tub usage as of late. Which begged the next question.

If that was on Saturday, why is it still on the line on Monday?

That'd be because it wasn't dry by Saturday evening so I decided to leave it there through Sunday to dry thoroughly but then I forgot to bring it in on Sunday and when I woke up on Monday I heard rain and decided that rather than bring it in and use the dryers which I was trying to avoid in the first place, I would just leave it outside for another two days. (Insert breath here)

Which does make me wonder if someone is going to ask:

Do you think you forgot to bring it in on Sunday because deep down you knew that you weren't supposed to do work on Sunday and that even though you avoided doing laundry on Sunday it would have been against the Ten Commandments to even take the laundry off the line on Sunday therefore you unconsciously blocked this "work" from your mind? (Take another breath)

Maybe. I guess we'll never know.

But in case you are asking the next question:

Is the laundry off the line yet?

The answer is yes.

My neighbors can stop laughing at me now.

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