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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hope Hope Hope

Yes, I know it's Wednesday.

Yes, I know that means this is supposed to be Wordless.

But, I rarely write a truly wordless post anyway.

So, yes, I'm going to give you a totally word-filled post today.

Because this email, that came this morning, just blessed me and I want to bless you with the challenge of spreading God's light, even when it may seem like a small gesture. You never know how or when it might touch someone else. And besides, it's related to a past post (see Feb. 5).

Dear HopeAnne,

I have a cool story to tell you about how you cheered me up on Tuesday.

I was feeling very sad on Tuesday. But the Lord kept whispering to me "hope, hope, hope." I thought He was telling me to have hope that I'd be happy again. But then His whisper said "____________, I'm not saying 'have hope' (even though you should still do that). I'm saying 'Hope, Hope' as in 'HopeAnne'. Remember how she gave you a Hot Chocolate Mix as a Valentine present? Well, her love for you will cheer you up today. Go enjoy HopeAnne's gift."

Well, I got up and made your hot chocolate. And with every sip, I felt how thoughtful it was of you to give me such a delicious hot chocolate drink. I actually made 3 cups with your hot chocolate mix!

See? God called your name, HopeAnne. Yes, the God of the universe actually said your name to me. He knew weeks ago that I would need to be cheered up. So He chose YOU, HopeAnne, to do that. God not only loves you with an everlasting love, but He knows He can trust you to obey His voice.

So there you have it. Thanks for cheering me up on Tuesday. You are, as I used to sing to you, a beautiful, beautiful baby and a beautiful, beautiful child.


I'm thinking I should have had some of Hope's Hot Chocolate yesterday. Maybe it would have cheered me up when I found the bald spot she had cut into her hair. Or later when I found my brand new shirt that she had also cut into, giving one sleeve a "hole" new look.

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