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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hot question

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition arrived in the mail today. As mother and current head-of-household (or parental-figure-mail-bearer), I figured I had a few choices.

A. I could cut out the pictures of the mostly naked ladies wearing things that I wouldn't call bathing suits (but which probably cost more than my current modest, cover-everything outfit consisting of boots, jeans, shirt, and jacket), and post them on my freezer to give me the motivation to give up ice cream. But it probably wouldn't look too good if any of the other pastors visited and found half-naked ladies taped to my freezer. Wouldn't be good for any company, actually. Scratch that idea.

B. I could cut out the pictures and tape them to my bathroom mirror to give me the motivation to give up ice cream. But since my husband shares said bathroom, scratch that idea.

C. I could cut out or tape together all offending pictures and allow the King household menfolk to enjoy what's left of their magazine. Except that pretty much just leaves the bottom half of page 17 and the right 1/3 of page 59.

D. I could throw away the whole magazine. But that wouldn't really be solving the overall problem . . .

E. Give it to Mariana to practice her fashion design ideas. She could cover all the ladies with very modest, King-household-appropriate dresswear and then we could send it back to the publishing company.

F. Send it back with an encouraging family-focused letter. Nah, they wouldn't read it anyway, a waste of postage.


G. Handle it Biblically and poke out the eyes of all the males in my household.

1 comment:

  1. There are times when I can predict what you are going to say with pretty good accuracy.
    There are days like today.
    Where you leave me shaking my head!